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Joseph here.  Becoming a Photographer has been an exciting adventure for me. I picked up my first camera in 2010 and haven't stop exploring the many avenues of photography.


Growing up in Brooklyn New York, I was surrounded by and always attracted to the city’s inspiration and eventually fell in love with the power of a camera and the range of emotions a photograph could evoke.  It didn’t take long for me to see the world differently and begin sorting out the Art in everything I saw.

I developed a phrase along the way,  “See it with your eyes first, then make the camera see it”.  This frame of mind has enabled me to always be engaged with my surrounding and utterly lost in the collection of my next concept.  My hope is for my Art & Imagery to inspire whoever sees it, in some fashion or form and encourage one to dig deeper, reach farther & reimagine what has already been imagined.  Art has taught me that passion for anything you work hard at can grow, it can evolve and inspire others to chase what drives them. And yet, my journey has just begun.


My Art collection include my 1st Love New York City and then branches out into my Signature photographs which focuses on highlighting specific objects and allowing them to reach out of the art piece.  Abstract, Skylines, and Nature styles are also among my favorite to art pieces. This platform specializes in turning these original photographs in immersive Fine Art printed on ChromaLuxe HD Metal or Giclee Canvas for walls, Glass Cutting Boards, Acrylic Drink Coasters for table decor and Wearable Art. Our art is crafted to compliment the elegance of our client's home/office decor while holding its beauty for a lifetime.

I take pride in delivering images that create instant memories to be enjoyed time and time again.  Professional grade equipment are utilized to capture our clients projects with pristine precision, crisp sharpness of focal points complemented with deep depth of field. Our immersive 3D Virtual Tours are captured with a 4K Matterport Pro 2 camera that provides clients with a futuristic way to share & market their properties on any device.


Joseph R Locke

Photographer & Founder

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