We are a photography art print, photography services & real estate property imaging company located in Brooklyn, NY. Our concept derived from my passion for capturing unique beautiful scenes of art.  Then an Idea was born.  As I began to build a photo collection and invest in equipment that would allow me to photograph & recreate the quality seen with my very own eyes, I wanted to share that vision with others.
"JRL" are the initials of my name that I wanted to build the brand on.  "Artistry" represents the thought that there is no limit to ones art. There is art in everything we do. Your art can expand.  It can evolve.  So was and currently still is the case with
JRL Artistry.  I started with a heavy focus on Photography Wall Art and now have expanded into Real Estate property Imaging via a 3D virtual tour platform, Portrait & Photo Booth photography and look to go beyond these doors in the future.
No matter the area of art this company explores there is one element that remains its standard & that's Quality.  Quality from the angle of perception, to the equipment used to capture the vision, to the material the image is printed on, to marketing imagery that will increase productivity & wow clients, to this website full of attractive development delivering a unique customer experience, to service that foster lasting smiles.
We invite you to experience the difference at JRL Artistry, where we do not consider photography to just be a job but yet... an Art.
Joseph R Locke

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